Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The wedding of the Year and Knit Nation!

We're still alive. I did fall asleep in the bath when we came home from the wedding on Saturday night/Sunday morning when I decided that I needed to get rid of the tin of hairspray and face-full of make-up before I had to head back to London on the train at 7 the next morning but it was all ok. We had a fab weekend.

Knit Nation was ace on Friday. So lovely to see my woolly friends again, old and new. Obviously I forgot to take photos, as per usual but here is the stand I shared with the lovely Tilly Flop Designs, WoollyWormhead, and Atomic Knitting.

Here you can see my bit of the super-stand a bit better and the wonderful stand that M made for my Miya bags.

Saturday morning saw us getting up bright and early and getting our glad-rags on. Mum has finally got a good photo of all four of her children...

...then to church for the wedding...

Certain people fancied the Rev...who was a lot like Rev. I don't think I have ever laughed so much at a vicar at a wedding before. I think his most entertaining line; 'For many years K thought he was gods gift to women....'

Congratulations M and K!

My Etsy shop is open again but I am a bit slow opening my Folksy shop due to all of the things I sold at the weekend and the torrential rain since I got home! I'm hoping that by tomorrow I will have photos of my new products and everything will be open again.

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Daisy said...

Love the dresses!