Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a mad, mad world...

I'll be honest, I have ignored the news for the last few weeks. I'm fed up of hearing about the phone hacking. Not that I agree with them because I don't but I'm just fed up of hearing about Rupert Murdoch, Rebecca Brooks, one bent police man, another journalist, a few murder victims. Sick.

Then I heard about the Oslo shootings. On Twitter. I read about what had happened but still ignored the TV news. It's somehow easier to read about awful things than see videos of the same heartbroken people and when you watch the news and try to explain to your 8yr old why someone would want to go around shooting people, it makes you realise what a messed up world we live in.

Tonight I watched the news. I saw the faces, terror and fear of the young people who had been on that camp in Oslo, but I also saw a 3yr old boy in a hospital in Somalia. He weighed 12lb. Lucy weighted 9lb when she was born. One in three children in Somalia are dying of malnutrition at the moment. I can't do anything for the people in Oslo but I can donate to Somalia in the hopes of saving some of those children and adults.

I've mentioned P/hop before, it is a charity knitting project that raises money for Médecins Sans Frontières. Basically, lots of amazing knitting (and crochet) designers have given their time and patterns to P/hop. These patterns are then able to be downloaded by people for however much they want to donate. The idea is that you donate based on the amount of hours pleasure you get from knitting that pattern (hence p/hop =Pennies per Hour Of Pleasure) .

There are socks and hats and even a cricket tea cozy pattern....

If you don't knit, you can still donate to MSF via P/hop here.

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