Monday, August 15, 2011

Making Monday. Back on it....

We're home!  We had a fab time; a few days with our friends before we all went to France for a week then back to Kent for another few days before home. A really relaxed affair...well as relaxed as a holiday with 4 children between the ages of 4 and 8 and two hyper-active men ever is.

We stayed in this fab house, an old police station in a great little town, complete with the old cells, for the naughty children. Ideal for lots of dreaming out of the window

Lots of making has happened while I have been away. I finished my Hitchhiker. I'm really pleased with it and will do proper photos for Friday but here it is. I couldn't get the 42 tips out of the yarn, even with my best yarn roulette, I could only get 39 but it plenty big enough. It's given me the knitting bug again and I have already cast on for something else. Lets hope it continues now.

The thing is, when you come back from your holiday, it;s always tricky trying to get back into work again, even more when you are attempting it around children so this last week has been interesting but today I am on top of it. I think. The pile of new fabric that greeted me when I got home helped me, especially this...

Thanks to Knittingtastic for pointing me in the direction of Natalie and Making Monday. I'm loving reading about what everyone has been making. All the cake is looking really good. At the moment I have a kitchen full of damsons, strawberries, marrow and pears so I think I might have to have a cooking day tomorrow.

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GiddyStuff said...

I love the new knitting bag x