Monday, September 05, 2011

Making Monday.

It's back to school for us this week so it seems quite apt that I should make a lunch bag today. A while back my sister saw one of my bags and said that she wanted it to use as her lunch bag for work. Her (then) fiancé had bought her a bike and the bag would go in the basket. Perfect.

A few weeks passed and as I was looking for fabric one day, I found some that I thought perfect for Mel's bag. It was sold as waterproof which I, rather naively, thought meant that it would be an oilcloth kind of material.  It took ages for the fabric to come and when it came, I was a bit disappointed because rather than oilcloth it was a cross between shower curtain and rubberised fabric. Odd.

As with all things that aren't how I wanted them to be, I did a bit of sulking thinking and finally decided that the fabric would be fine for the job so today I made the bag but I also made a sandwich bag.  I was going to do a tutorial but it's so dark here today that my photos aren't that great that I abandoned that as a plan because you really don't want to see a load of photos like this...

This is my first time sewing with waterproof fabric. It wasn't as bad as all of things I had read. I didn't use pins because they make more holes than you want in the fabric so instead I just held it because I didn't have any of the nifty little pegs other people like to use and I quite like making life hard for myself too. It was a bit grabby with the teeth and presser foot but I pulled it through a little and it was fine.

Since this wasn't actually the bag that my sis asked for, I decided that I ought to make that too It seemed to attract some attention from the chickens...maybe it was the smelly rubber?

 I'm enjoying reading the other Monday Makes posts today including Making Monday; making a difference..


Nicki Cawood said...

Very cute fabric and brilliant lunchbag ideas. I wish I was more "handy", cack handed describes any of my creative attempts!

Brilliant post.

RooKnits said...

I like the lunchbag idea... ps. if you can find sponge flour for the cake - go with that. I reckon that is what really makes the difference.

Sew Scrumptious said...

I LOVE that lunch bag. Gorgeous!