Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Another WIP Wednesday.

It's Wednesday again, back to school day today so we are all worn out tonight. J has spent the afternoon and evening alternating between wanting lots of hugs and shouting and crying at Lou but it's all quiet now so time for a cuppa and WIP Wednesday.

I am still knitting *the* sock.  I publicly stated this week that they would be finished by Fibreflurry, the next and last show of my woolly year, a mere 7 weeks away so I need to get a move on.

You'll notice from the light (or lack of!) in the photos that it looks like the depths of winter. This would be 1930 tonight.  Light nights are now a thing of the past. I think the chickens may have made the wrong decision to start moulting now because it is freezing and I don't have time to knit jumpers for cold hens.

Another WIP today is this doll that I am making for Lou. It is her 7th birthday on Friday and I always feel a bit bad that I make things for other people but not that much for my own children so when I saw this one day while buying fabric, I thought it might be a good present for her. It the moment, she looks a bit odd but once she is stuffed, I am sure she will look loads better. Then just making some clothes...all in 24hrs.

Since I'm not too late posting tonight, I'm going to spend half an hour looking at all of the other posts before I do a bit more work. Go and have a look if you have a few minutes, there is bound to be lots of inspiration for you.


Nicky said...

The sock will be finished ... I'm sure of it.

That doll rocks!!!! Pics please of the finished object.

Dizzys Castle said...

look forward to seeing sock all done !! lovely colours !

GiddyStuff said...

I'm sure the socks will be finished! The problem with Autumn and Winter is that you can get loads of knitting done but the light is too bad to show off what you've been doing!

Miyulin said...

Is that yarn Colinette Jitterbug? I think I've knitted some socks out of that exact colourway! If not Colinette, it's incredibly close.

paula said...

Wow, your little one is going to be over the moon about her new doll. And clothes, too? She'll be terribly spoiled. :) You should have no trouble getting the sock done, especially since the yarn is so pretty!

pinkundine said...

That sock is such a cool colour, and I'm sure you'll finish in time :)