Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Wednesday, another new WIP.

You all need to prepare yourselves for my Friday post because look, I have a new WIP today, meaning only one thing...

 After the rumour-mill at work suggesting that I was the 5th person to be pregnant today, I am a little scared to post *another* baby knit but I am making this baby hat, to match the cardigan I made a couple of weeks ago. Mindless knitting to switch off to in the evenings. Something I need at the moment because life is mad.

It's nearly Halloween so the 'Trickle-treat' bags, as Lou calls them, are flying out at the moment. This is my fav print, I have even made some project bags using the fabric.

It is cup of tea and time to look at the tempting projects over at Tami's blog


Bettiboots said...

Trickle-treat! Love it :)

We still occasionally refer to 'odd and evil numbers' here, although can't remember if we have J or L to blame for that!

Nic said...

She was genuinely confused when I explained it was 'trick or treat' instead of trickle. No doubt by morning she will have a vast repertoire of tricks planned though!

Yes, it was J with his evil numbers....and Farmer Christmas.

Some children are fairly entertaining.

Karen said...

The bags are so cute! I love that fabric.