Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The HexiPuff craze continues!

This week I have tried to wean myself off the Hexipuffs but it hasn't gone well. First, I tried the Rosaleen Shawl . I love this pattern but it was clearly too much for my tired brain to cope with and after the hour or so that it took me to cast-on the right number of stitches, I then mucked the pattern up, got grumpy and went to bed.

Yesterday, I decided that I would have a go at something a bit easier - The Stockholm Scarf.  Another beautiful pattern but once again, another hour casting on hundreds of stitches then after a couple of hours of knitting, I realised that because I had knitted it in the round, rather than flat, it was wrong so I went to bed sulking. Again.

Tonight I am going to go back to my hexi-puffs and if something goes wrong there, I am giving up on this knitting lark for good.  Here they are on Sunday, in what was possibly the last of this years sun;

If you like The BeeKeeper's Quilt, look at UKHandmade. There is a fab competition there to win an amazing blanket of your own!

I have loads of Hexi-bags to upload onto my shops but because of the rubbish weather, I'm struggling to take good photos. I'll try again tomorrow.

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