Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Once upon a time it was all so simple!

Lots of friends are having babies and are pregnant at the moment and lots more are talking about it and while they talk about the traumas of babies; the feeding, the crying, the lack of sleep, I look back and miss those easier times.

The older J and L get, the more I feel the need for a manual on how to deal with my growing child and to work out what to do 'right' to produce a well balanced member of the community. Somehow it all felt ok to fudge it when they were babies. It didn't really matter if you didn't change their nappy every 2 hrs. No-one really knew and they aren't going to remember it but now they are 7 and 8, what I do now might see them in therapy in a few years or maybe rioting on the streets. 

Tonight is one of those times where I sit pondering what is the right thing to do. J has just come home from his friends house where he had tea. His friend is a girl and they love playing together. As he sat telling me what they had been up to, he told me that he had kissed her, in the bedroom, on the lips.  OK. Last night he discussed his views on having multiple wives, clearly he is moving on from there....

Having a daughter a year younger, I wonder what the mum would think. I asked him if his friend wanted him to kiss her? 'Well she seemed a bit shocked,' was the reply.  When I told him that some people don't like to be kissed and while it is nice to kiss people we care about, it's important to think about how they feel, it was his turn to sound shocked; 'Really? Some people don't like a kiss? Wow!'

Bring back the sleepless nights and colic. All is forgiven!


carrad said...

Wait until you discover your own children have done the sex thing - it's scary! Enjoy the fact that you've got a few years yet before this rears up ... xxx

BabyLongLegs said...

'Really? Some people don't like a kiss? Wow!'

That is so sweet...!!
At least he told you... *wink*
You wait till he comes home and tells you he had leg sex with his girlfriend >.<
Thats was fun, trying to 'talk' that one through...
You are doing a great job with them Nic, don't worry :)
S xXx

Bettiboots said...

Hmm. There's some 'exploration' going on there, isn't there...

I don't know how it'll be when The Chap gets older, and has thoughts and opinions. I do know that the older he's getting, the more I like him. I found him very difficult to deal with when he was in the Handsome Digestive Tract stage, when all he did was eat and sleep and poo. I like the bimbling proto-person I have now a lot more!