Monday, November 28, 2011

Presents for little people.

I have officially started my Christmas shopping so all is ok. I haven't even begun to start thinking about the difficult people but we'll deal with them another day. I thought I would do a quick post on my bags that are aimed at little people in case you were looking for stocking fillers. I sell a lot of them as project bags and for big people to put their lunch in for work but primarily, they were little people bags....

The little 'Lucy' bags were designed with Lou in mind, she wanted a little bag like Mummy so I made her one then made a few more and everyone loved them.  They are an absolute bargain at £5 making them ideal as a little stocking filler or even a party present for friends at school. I love seeing little people walking around with their bags full of toys, dolls, food and other important 'stuff'.  If you go over to my facebook page you can see some photos of customers with their little bags.

The Ruby bags are a bit bigger for bigger kids and are still a bargain at £8.  They are ideal as a book bag for going to the library but we all know that they will have much more interesting things to put in them!  I think these make fab presents when teamed up with a lovely new reading book or maybe a colouring book and pencils.

I can make the bags in other fabrics and will be listing more fabrics over the next few days so let me know if you want any other prints. Happy shopping!

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