Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A December round-up...

It all got a bit manic in December!  I had a feeling it would when I noticed at the end of November that I didn't have a free weekend from then until January with fairs and weddings and family things.

December meant lots of late nights for me, making sure that all of the orders from my fab customers got sent off to them and lots of days filled with glitter and play practices and parties and things at school and excited children at home.  Then we got stuck on the A1 for almost an entire night while heading to Cambridge-a journey that should have taken us 2hrs lasted over 7. The wedding we were going to was fab though.

Much to the distress and disbelief of many of my friends, I didn't really start my Christmas shopping and organising until after we finished school on 22nd December. For future reference, this is possible but fairly stressful so perhaps get a bit more organised next year, Nic.

So, to round up this year on the blog, here are some photos of our December.....

How happy does my boy look? Answer; VERY!  Hours before we left for my friends wedding, instead of packing the car I was making a tie out of my Dr Who fabric. I blame the bride. She suggested it ;)

 J and I both hide from the camera so this is a very rare photo of the two of us not looking too odd.

I finished my Christmas knitting before Christmas! This jumper was for my friends little boy. The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts but even though it is knitted in the round, the 6 hrs time-scale it was given was clearly a lie. It is only a last minute knitted gift if your last minute is a few weeks to a month.

 Between Christmas and New Year I was a good girl and did no work so I had lots of time to make hexi-puffs while watching Christmas films with J and L.

Mr Nicsknots made me a yarn swift for Christmas!  Apparently it was so that he doesn't have to hold yarn for me any more. Unfortunately for him, I ended up tangling some up so he had to untangle that for me. I don't want him to feel redundant do I? 

Today is the last day of the school holidays. My plan was to get the sewing machine out but J and L were having none of it and I felt bad so we played with some of their new toys. J was initially excited by this but when it wasn't finished in 15 minutes, he was less enthusiastic ;)

Lou spent all afternoon sewing Christmas stockings and hand puppets, all ready for next year. Look at that concentration!

So tomorrow is back to school for J and L but I finished at the end of term and from tomorrow I will be working 100% for Nicsknots. Exciting and slightly worrying at the same time!  I have so many exciting projects for this year. 


Domestic Kat said...

All the very best luck to you nic going full time with nicsknots. I hope it is hugely successful for you.

And what a thoughtful Mr you have.

Totally jel of the doctor who scarf ;-)


Bettiboots said...
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Bettiboots said...

Ooo, the Doctor Who tie... although frankly, he as lucky not to have been mugged for it by the groom. Fortunately he was distracted by that whole wedding thing that was going on at the time! Any other point in the year and I fear J would have been in serious danger...

carrad said...

Love the Dr Who tie - I want a blouse in that material! Good luck with nicsknots. I'd love to make that big leap but not ready yet. Do let me know if you come across any local craft fairs, please. Happy New Year! Carolyn xxx

Daisy said...

I can't believe you did Christmas from a standing start on 22nd Dec!