Monday, February 06, 2012

New needle roll!

Sorry for the silence. For some reason, I thought when I finished working at school, I would have stacks of time. I would be able to spend days working on my website, a few more keeping on top of my accounts and marketing? Wow, I would be a marketing wizz.

Somehow it hasn't worked like that. Work has done that thing where it fills the amount of time that I give it and the more time I have, the opportunities arise and it's all absolutely fab but that list of website, accounts, marketing, is still staring at me and I want to stab everyone who says ' Oooh,  now you don't work* any more, you must have so much time, what do you mean you haven't got time for coffee/your house is a mess/you can't drop everything to come and entertain me'

Thankfully, some kind customers have given me a kick up the bum and asked me to make things that I have been meaning to add to my range for ages and never had time to do.  Today I managed to list this lovely circular needle holder....

 It has 16 pockets, in four rows of four and even though I have hardly any circulars to show you this, you could put more than one needle in each pocket so there is stacks of room to keep your needles all organised. I'd never really seen the merit of a dedicated circular case; I store mine with the rest of my needles but I guess some people do more knitting than me and have more needles and maybe, are a bit more organised.

 The top of the case is really deep and folds over *all* of the pockets so that when you come to fold the case up, no needles fall out of it and make you want to cry.

And even though today was foggy and grey, I managed to get some good photos! It is listed in my shops in this fabric at the moment but I will be making more and in the meantime, if you want me to make you one to match your other cases and bags, let me know and I can make you one.

*For work read; 'Go out of the house and spend the day working'. Working from home seems not to have entered their vocabulary.  If you say you are going home to work, they think you mean work at making tea or work at doing the washing.


tazbride said...

It is quite hard to stay focused, working from home. My son used to tell me I needed to go and get a proper job !! Little does he realise that I would not have been his personal taxi service , if I had. LOL. My friends are great and if I have no time they go off happily. The worst people tend to be family, my Mum in particular, as she has recently retired !!! Got to be firm with them I am afraid :) Wouldnt swap it for the world though :)

Bettiboots said...

I fear it is because when someone leaves the office for the day to 'work from home', it is more often that not heard as 'having a massive skive'. Therefore, seeing as you permanently 'work from home', all you must be doing is sitting about drinking tea and not, for example, running a business...

BabyLongLegs said...

LOLz... oh welcome to my world :P
People don't seem to realise, that running an internet based business such as ours involves a huge amount of work, both in promotion and production!
A lot of the time, it takes almost as long to tell people what you are doing than actually doing it!!
I could have a bit of a rant about it actually, but I won't... WiNKS

((( Hugs NicoLAAAA )))

Stitched Together said...

oooo I love that fabric!

I think once people get used to you saying no to things during the day because you have to work they will get the hang of it. You just have to say things like - I can have a lunch break with you for an hour, as though you were meeting someone a regular office job. They will soon get it. (I would hope!)