Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Supporting Independent Businesses

Today is February 29th. Given that I am already married, I'm not planning on proposing to anyone so, according to the radio this morning, I am supposed to do something different and make the most of the extra day we have.  Well, it looks a bit like I might end up blogging twice. Is that ok? Usually I don't even have the time to do it once! 

My first post is all about the independents.  Independent businesses in particular. I have always tried to shop local and with independent shops. My parents used to have the village shop so it was drilled into me from an early age that the huge growth of supermarkets that sold everything wasn't a good thing.  I remember many an embarrassing occasion when I would have to go to the supermarket with my Dad for something. We'd walk around and he would complain (loudly) about the displays, staff chatting to each other, pricing, cardboard boxes kicking around the shop,everything really.

I love independent shops and I really feel that we need to help them at the moment. They are hard-working and they will go out of their way to help and provide a fabulous service.  They are able to change and evolve to the needs of their community and customer base a lot quicker than the big multinationals.  Our village used to have a butchers. Now it has gift shops, a Spar and Co-op but last year a deli opened up and it is a fab place Yes the cakes are more expensive than they are in the Spar but I know that a local person has made those cakes, that the ingredients are local and that by buying those cakes I am helping the local economy and that is important to me so I make a point of using the deli. I'd rather have something fab less often than just spend on mediocre things constantly.

I'm waffling today!  Karen at All About the Boys has launched Independents Day. Once a month we are going to do a post in recognition of all of the wonderful independent businesses out there.

So, here are my fab independent businesses this month. 

Dots and Spots. If you have ever bought anything from me, you will probably have seen some of the wonderful products that Becky designs as she is the woman who designs the fab tape and cards that I use. Her designs are amazing and she is such a friendly person, even when she is manically busy!

A Good Yarn. Kate is one of my retailers but I am setting that aside as I think all of my retailers are fab.  I'm choosing Kate because she had created the best knitting shop ever in Cleethorpes. It is a little oasis of calm and colour. I love going there, she is always friendly and helpful to her customers and deserves every bit of success she has. You can't buy on-line at the moment from her store but if you are ever in the area, you should definitely pop in!

Snapdragon. Jane is based in Scotland. She has an airstream caravan and a workshop and a beautiful house and garden as well as the fabulous textile business. Jane really is an inspiration and her products are amazing. I spend many an hour looking at the wonderful things she makes.

Tots Bots. When J was about 9months old, I decided that we needed to start using cloth nappies. The first nappy we used was a tots bots and they are still my fav.  Fiona is clearly trying to make me have more babies because she has recently launched an amazing new range of nappies.  New baby or sent to the loony bin because when I told Mr Nicsknots that we needed another baby so that we could use the new nappies, he nearly threw me out of bed ; )

That'll do for this month. I could go on all morning but I need to save some for next month.


Ruth Garcia-Alcantud said...

I love independent businesses - I make sure 80% of my grocery shopping is done in small, local owned shops and market stalls, and love supporting friendly businesses... like Nic's Knots :)

Karen Jones said...

Wonderful post , thank you so much for taking the time to write it and for supporting independent businesses xxxx

Daisy said...

I love indie businesses - although they're hard to find around here!

Coombe Mill said...

Karen inspired me to write too, great idea to support us independents. Looking into your favorites now, thank you!