Monday, February 27, 2012

Wonderful Weekends!

We are living for the weekends here at the moment. The week seems to go by in a blur and I am really making an effort to take time off work at the weekends and do fun family things.

Saying that, I started this weekend in Tetney. For work. But it was ok because it was a fun morning and Grandma came to see us so a bit of family in there!.  Tetney is the village I grew up in and it is a typical small village where not much happens, people complain about it but don't really do much about it. I loved living there with family close by.  When we got older, we might not have been able to get into town easily but we could always go for walks and mucking around in the fields...that sounds a bit boring but it wasn't!!

Anyway, Tetney is trying to improve the community groups available to them and they are holding a monthly 'get together' in the village hall with stalls and groups to engage in a bit of community spirit and it seemed to go well on Saturday.  The hall was busy all morning with people catching up with friends they hadn't seen for a while.

I had a stand with Kate of 'A Good Yarn'. I meant to take photos of the whole stand but somehow only managed two photos.  One of Kate's scarf yarns that, predictably went down well.......

And my hexi-puffs with some mini skeins from Krafty Koala. 

Sadly Lincolnshire is a bit slow in the Beekeepers Quilt hysteria that is sweeping the country but we *will* convert them! 

Yesterday I decided we needed to make the most of the amazing sunshine while it lasted so we all got on our bikes to go and see my brother, (almost) sister-in-law and nephew. In my head I always have a vision of a lovely bike ride in the sun, everyone happy and riding in straight lines. In reality it is always a wonder we get to our destination without serious injury.  L seemed to have lost her speed so I think I only pedalled about twice all the way there and back, we were going that slow and J can not bike in a straight line, he swerves in front of you, rides right up to your back wheel, bikes into you.  One minute he is biking in the gutter, the next, a car comes along and he swerves out of the gutter into the road.....ahh.  You have to laugh or you would be filling your water bottle with a g+t!

After an impromptu bbq lunch. In February! We biked back home for an afternoon in the garden before roast chicken for tea. Ahh. I agree with L and J, we should have 5 day weekends and 2 day weeks!

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