Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday, after the amazing baby cardi marathon, I was pondering what to do with my left-over bits of yarn. I know some of you who know how I seem to collect yarn and never knit with it for ages will be surprised, but half-used balls of yarn make me uneasy. I know that if I don't do something with them straight away, I will never use them and in my head where I am trying to declutter my house (also, people would be surprised by this fact if they looked at my house!) , this distresses me a little so imagine my excitement when I found a use for my yarn.

I was talking to someone on Twitter who mentioned that her knitting group were knitting baby hats for MSF and got reading. You can read all about it here but basically an MSF hospital in Qetta, Pakistan desperately needs hats for children from premature to 5yrs.  The hats will help to keep these little people warm while they are fighting malnutrition and will help to save their lives.

It hit a chord with me. When J was born, he ended up in intensive care for a fortnight. One of the first things they did to him was put a hat on, then set about tying tubes to it to keep him breathing and to feed him. J wasn't premature, in fact he was a hefty 8lb so the premmie, bright yellow acrylic wonder that they put on his head was far too small.  He got transferred to a more specialist hospital and when he was two days old they did brain scans on him and cut holes in the hat to put the probes on his head, they couldn't take the hat off for all the tubes attached to it. You can imagine how awful and tatty this thing looked. When they could eventually remove the hat he had pressure sores on the back of his head and he still has scars on the back of his head today. That hat was the source of such annoyance for me in those early days!!

So I am knitting hats with my leftover yarn. Not bright yellow things though ;)

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