Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunny Sundays!

This morning was grey and drizzly but I woke up to  whispering then being jumped on by Lou, shouting happy Mother's Day and thrusting daffodils and cards at me. I love Mother's Day morning. I know I am lucky; J and L are at an age where they want to make me breakfast in bed and I'm happy to eat almost dry rice krispies in bed  at 730am.

It would seem all of Js working time at school has gone into colouring things in for Mother's Day. He had made a card, in French. He couldn't quite remember what he had written inside but it didn't matter because he had also written an acrostic poem using the word 'Mother'. For 'E' he had written 'Everything in my heart is yours.' I love that boy!! I'm rather worried about 'R'; Recording you is what I like best'. I'm a little scared to ask what he means there but I'm still melting with his 'E'.

We went to the family service at church then for a cup of tea with my Mum and Dad before coming home for lunch. After bacon sarnies, the sun came out and we all went out into the garden.  Lou and I decided that hiding in the greenhouse with a cup of tea was the best idea....

 I still believe that the best cup of tea is the greenhouse, planting seeds and playing with plants, hiding from the cold.

Look at the concentration on Lou's face there! 

  We planted some Bellis in a new plant holder..I love these daisies, always so cheerful for Spring!

I had a bit of a tidy-up in the greenhouse. Over the Winter it had become a bit of a dumping ground for all things chicken related so I decided I would make more room for the seedlings and plants. Lou and I came back into the greenhouse after planting plants in her playhouse window boxes to find Snowy sitting on one of the shelves, admiring the view so Lou decided she must need a hug. Snowy is the daftest chicken, she is also the escape artist of the three of them. Always plotting. 

And here are my baby hats. After I have finished this one I think I might have to choose another pattern for a bit of variety.

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GiddyStuff said...

Glad you've had a lovely Mother's Day. I'm very jealous of the weather, we've had lots of rain :(