Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday. All About Love...

I've missed a few Wednesdays again so I am trying to be organised and get this on before it is too late. I have actually found myself casting-off a lot of things this week then feeling a little uneasy that I hadn't got anything to knit. 

Obviously that's not true, look at my Ravelry queue, there are 8 pages of things I want to knit.  Of course, instead of casting on any of those, I found this the other night while I was sitting, minding my own business and I decided that it would be perfect to wear for my Brother's wedding, a mere 6 weeks away.  The name of the wrap, 'All About Love', couldn't be more apt for a wedding either. See, it was meant to be.

I nipped to the yarn shop yesterday and bought some Sublime Egyptian Cotton in a fab blue and cast-on last night. The only problem is that the pattern asked for worsted weight and we had gone for DK and I am thinking it might be too short....I am going to knit a few more rows then have a look but it looking too short to me :(

You will notice the sunny picture. For all of you not from the UK, it is boiling here this week. We have gone from needing woolly jumpers and boots on last week to t-shirts and shorts. Apparently it is only going to last until tomorrow so I have been making the most of it this week and having my lunch outside with the chickens.

As always, for more WIP's, hop over to Tami's blog.


Michelle said...

I hope you enjoy taking advantage of the weather! It's been gorgeously warm and sunny in Chicago for the past couple weeks. I'm starting to feel spoiled!

Kim Sonksen said...

Isn't the weather just brilliant right now? Like a summers day and they are already talking about hose pipe bans in the south...crazy!

Anyway, love the colour you have chosen for your Wip and I keep my fingers crossed that you can continue with the DK