Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Drum roll please.....

...I am *finally* going to announce the winner of my competition.

Firstly, sorry for the delay. I settled down last night to sort out photos, figure out the random number generator thingy out, write a blog post, email people but then all hell broke loose and my darling daughter decided that she would show us what a 7yr old devil-child looks like and basically screamed the house down for a few hours because her brother wouldn't let her sleep in his bed and I wouldn't go and give her one last hug (for the millionth time), tuck her in and read another story to her.  Obviously I sound like the evil Mum from hell and all my poor daughter wanted was a hug but I had been up for 'one last hug' goodness knows how many times already.

So anyway, if anyone is still reading and not running around to my house to rescue my neglected daughter, lets have a look at some more photos from wonderful people.....

Krafty Koala keeps her yarn out of the paws of her cat in her twirly circles bags. Looks like she is trying to work out how to get in there!

 Look at this little man with his bag! He takes this to nursery with him to pop a special toy in when he isn't copying his mummy and carrying yarn in it ;)

And three bags, full of knitting! See, there are never too many bags or knitting projects!!

So, without further ado, I numbered the photos in my Facebook album then put the numbers into  Some clever people manage to put the widget into their blog to show what number it chose but I'm clearly not that clever because all I can manage to do is get the widget to go on my blog but not the result! Anyway, the number was 5 and that is this photo...

 Well done Carol! I will message you as soon as I have finished here. I'm trying to work out if those dice are stitch  markers or just there....they look fab anyway!

Everyone who joined in, thank you very much! I am going to make a gallery of your photos on my website and I will be contacting you with a little runner-up prize.

Thank you also to Babylonglegs, Coop Knit and Fripperies and Bibelots for donating prizes!

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