Sunday, March 25, 2012

Woolsack. Stuffed.

Remember when I started my Woolsack cushion? Well, today was the day of the giant stuffing. We decided that even though we were loosing an hour in the night, to signal the beginning of British Summer Time, we would head out bright and early this morning to get stuffed at 'A Good Yarn' in Cleethorpes.

Here I am stuffing my amazing, bright cushion!

..and crocheting it together ........ action shot of stuffing another cushion...the stuffing was very sheepy ..I made the mistake of licking my finger after I had eaten a hot cross bun. Eugh.

There was much merriment (Look, a rare Nic Pic!). Knitting is always an education. Not necessarily anything to do with knitting though. This morning P told us all how we should be ironing *all* of our clothes, even our pants....You would be proud of me tonight, P, as I have ironed a pair of Jack's.

This isn't all of the cushions knitted at A Good Yarn but here are the ones we had finished stuffing while we were there. Loads of fab cushions. 

Three hours left for you to enter my competition. There are some great, last minute entries coming through. 

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