Monday, March 26, 2012

A sunny spot...

I've been having a bit of a grumpy Monday today.  I had a huge list of things to do but before I could do anything I had a date with the PTA at school. It's always the same way, the people who do have time and do all of the moaning about what people are doing wrong, never want to offer any of their time so the few people who do turn up run around like mad people-I guess Dad's adage of 'If you want something doing, ask a busy person' is true.

I text a few people on the way home, telling them I was busy but would ring later, cue lots of phone calls when I got home. I maybe ignored the phone *whistle* ...well the sewing machine is loud once I get going ;)

Over the weekend we have been tidying the garden up. Our neighbours gave us their old bench last year when they got a new one. It has lived in the front garden since then, rarely used other than for children to collapse onto when they have run home from school. I decided to move it and created a little sunny corner. It's transformed this previously unused part of the garden. Not wanting to miss out on this sudden sunny weather, I had my lunch on the bench today then did a little bit of knitting before I cracked on with sewing.

There are so many new prints at the moment, all of the new fabrics are coming out and I am getting tempted every day but I am trying to be good and use up some of the fabric I have had for a while first.  This funky fabric has been in one of my fabric boxes for months. I love it but I have never got around to sewing it into anything. Well, here it is and doesn't it look fab with the bright pink lining?

It is here on my shop, while it lasts. I didn't buy much so when it is gone, it is gone.


GiddyStuff said...

It feels so good to be able to knit in the sunshine. I love the bird bag x

bibbitybob said...

Wasn't the sun gorgeous yesterday! And it's due to be even warmer today. I'm tempted to take a stroll down to the beach, my work can wait until this evening ;) x

ps. how funny that you revealed yourself too! I do prefer to hide but my blog is becoming more and more common knowledge...not sure why I'm so shy about it?!

carrad said...

Drat! By the time I got home from work it had cooled off. At least we have a new parasol on the patio set - Mr C melted the previous one with a failed chinese lantern! xxx