Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordy WIP Wednesday

Some days I find myself sewing from the minute I come home from school until I go back to pick J and L up at 3. Other days, like today, I almost forget that I sew with all of the writing, planning, chasing up invoices, and researching. My day started off with a meeting about providing some crafty holiday clubs at local schools then a chat with an advertiser, then onto costings of workshops, accounts, emails, website work. I'm craving my sewing machine!

I've just sewed the buttons on Puerperium #1 while having a quick cup of tea break so I thought I would show you where I am with my WIPs.   Here is the first of the two that need to be finished by Friday. I just have ends to sew in and another sleeve to knit.....

 I'm leaving the two buttons at the top off because I think it will be comfier for the baby.  The buttons are some shell ones I have had for ages, I thought they would be ideal for the yarn. L is worried that the baby will be a boy and tells me that boys don't like flowers but J put her right and told her that he likes flowers so it's all ok. Thank goodness!

Here is P #2 I did tell you it was bright!

 I'm almost at the arm-holes so it will be finished. Even if it is on Thursday night!!  The colour actually looks better once it is off the ball but I'm still not convinced that it says 'newborn baby'.

Once these are done, I have another baby thing to get finished for another April baby then who knows, I might get my socks finished.

This week I have been sorting my fabric out and have found some old favourites that I thought were long gone like these Japanese sheep. This linen-like fabric is lovely and I might end up keeping this for myself.

I also love this simple print too. I have a bit more left of this so I will be making some needle rolls out of it as well I think.

Right, time for some last minute Mother's Day sewing.  Lots of lucky Mums will be getting some fab presents this year!  Head over to Tami's blog for some more great WIP Wednesdays.


Chrisknits said...

Darling sweaters and cute bags!

Sam Findlay said...

Gorgeous baby sweater and I love the little bags! I wouldn;t be able to part with them either!

Willa said...

I love the leetle sweaters - especially the coloured one . . nice to see babies with a bit of pizzazz!