Wednesday, April 04, 2012

WIP Wednesday. Getting better!

It is the Easter holidays here. Normally that means we have lots of lazy mornings, lots of sewing caught up on and bumbling around the place.  This week I am teaching a few craft workshops so while the kids and dh waste their days watching tv and playing on their computers and other things that they wouldn't get away with with Mummy, I am a busy bee.

Tomorrow is the last day of my craft classes so I'm looking forward to the long weekend. I've enjoyed the classes and I will be doing them again but they are hard work when you end up with 19 children ranging from 3-11 and you have two hours to do crafts with them that everyone will be able to do and want to do, it's challenging ;) Next time I will be splitting the ages up more so that it is easier for everyone!

Tomorrow, among other things,  I have decided that the older ones can do a bit more sewing than the basic stitches the little ones did on Monday (The back chick) and I think they will have fun making this chick on the blue cozy.

On Tuesday I have one of my parent and child workshops at A Good Yarn. I love these classes and they prove really popular; this has now sold out. I had planned the class around an Easter theme but have ended up running it the week after Easter so I need to do a bit of tweaking, I think.

I have managed to knit a bit this week. I knitted lots on Friday morning but ended up having to take it all back because I'd done it wrong then spent a lot of the weekend sulking but now I am past where I had got up to and it is looking right now;

I'm going to be my friends tonight to have a knit of putting the world to rights, drinking tea and maybe a bit of knitting so you never know, I might get it finished!

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Evelyn said...

Love the lace!

Dahle said...

The lace looks great!! I can feel your pain about pouting awhile after having to undo your work. So painful but in the end worth it.

Vicki said...

wow the shawl is looking fabulous, unknitting is so depressing, I spent last night reknitting a mistake, so i know how you feel!

mkonieczki said...

Ooooo. You're so close to finishing your shawl! I bet you get it done in time for Friday! :-D

GiddyStuff said...

Your shawl looks amazing. I can only knit lace if there is no-one around to interupt me, just one distraction and I go totally wrong!

carrad said...

Lovely shawl. Very pleased your sewy enterprise is working out xxx