Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday..workshops and wholesale but no knitting today...

It's still busy at Nicsknots so I am feeling a bit of a fraud with WIP Wednesday as I haven't done any knitting since finishing my shawl last week. Tonight I am going to start something but it is part of a secret project so you will have to wait for that one.

No knitting doesn't lead to a grumpy Nic though, We're having lots of fun.  Yesterday was my parent and child sewing workshop at A Good Yarn and as ever, I promised myself that I would get lots of photos to show you all but as always, I was too busy and forgot so you will just have to imagine the fun that was 5 children, 6 adults, sewing machines, lots of fabric and three hours could create.

We all made pin cushions to start with and given my chicken obsession and the fact that it is still the Easter hols, we made chicken pin cushions. Here is mine....

 I think I am going to make another bigger one as a door stop. This green cord is fab, so cheerful.

I've just got back from the Post Office to post my very first wholesale order outside of The UK.  This little lot are on their way to France to a lovely shop called Knitting In France.  I'm so excited. I love all of my customers, retail and wholesale but it makes me really happy when people get in touch with me to ask if I can supply their shops.

Better go. J and L have decided to play snakes and ladders but have lost/can't be bothered to find a dice so want me to be a dice and it is fairly distracting shouting random numbers out while trying to type coherent sentences!

I think I will wait until later to read what everyone else is knitting on Tami's blog! 


hannahw said...

Oh my that chicken is adorable!

I found you through WIP Wednesdays. Here is my project of the week:

Minding My Own Stitches said...

We were always losing dice when we were kids. I think Mom picked up extras at the dollar shop just to avoid the same trouble. Although I can't ever imagine Mom agreeing to be the dice LOL!