Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wonderful Workshop Wednesday!

Normally it is WIP Wednesday here at Nicsknots but my knitting isn't doing too well at the moment and the knitting I am doing is secret so I thought I would do a bit of a plug for crafty workshops instead. 

Apart from my regular Thursday morning beginners sewing workshop at A Good Yarn in Cleethorpes, I have a couple of other workshops coming up. The second, making and designing a Union Jack Cushion in May has almost filled up but the first, in a fortnight, Saturday 28th April has a few spaces left.  Also at A Good Yarn it is called 'Make Your Own Bunting'.

In the workshop I will teach you how to make a couple of different types of bunting and you will leave with lots of fab bunting, either to celebrate the upcoming Jubilee and Olympics or a birthday or just because. I provide you with all of the materials, patterns, inspiration and examples. You just need to bring your sewing machine and a bit of creativity. If you want to find out more about the workshops, get in touch with me here.  I love bunting, I don't think you need to wait for a party to get it out and it really cheers a place up.

On Monday, the last day of the Easter holidays, L went to play at her friends house and J asked if I would help him to make some bunting for his playhouse so after we had dropped L off, we went home and got cracking.  J chose his fabrics, I helped him to cut them out then showed him what he needed to do on the sewing machine. After a few moments when I began to despair at how I can teach a class of children to sew with no problem but one child who doesn't listen makes me want to run away, we had an epiphany, J stopped gazing out of the window while I told him how, just because I can sew and take pins out at the the same time, it didn't mean that he could without sewing his finger, and he started doing some fantastic, straight sewing.

I was so proud of him. J struggles to concentrate on anything that isn't a Wii or computer for more than 10 minutes so I was amazed that he sat for almost two hours sewing and cutting.  Here is the finished result;

J and L were back at school yesterday so I set about tidying up and getting on with work and decided to hang his bunting up in the lounge window so that we could see it for a while before he took it off to his play house. 

On Saturday I am having an early birthday present and am going to the beginners crochet workshop at A Good Yarn.  I'm really looking forward to going. It'll be fab to (hopefully!) be able to read a crochet pattern and understand what I am supposed to be doing and it will also be lovely to have a whole day devoted to crafty-ness with my lovely friend. I'll report back with lots of pics of what we made.


Sharon Perry said...

very good bunting!

Daisy said...

HOpe you enjoyed the workshop.