Friday, June 22, 2012

Amazingly, a Finished Object Friday!

Who would have thought, after my last blog post, that I would have finished objects to show? As it happens, I have two!

Firstly we have, as Lou has christened her, Little Bunny.

I made her a while back as my sister quite likes rabbits and I thought it was only fair that her little boy or girl would have one of their own. It is made from a fab pattern called 'As Little Sewing as Possible'.  In my book, any toy knitting that involves minimal sewing up, is a winner. I really don't like finishing knitting something then taking longer than it took you to knit the thing, to sew the darn thing up!  I tried making her a little dress but it all went a bit wrong so she is a bare bun at the mo.

My other finished object is the cardi I showed you last time. Miracioulsy, I got it finished 10 minutes before we arrived at my sisters house.  Here it is in the car minus buttons....

We went button shopping when we went to Portsmouth and I sat, sewing them on while Lou had another cuddle with her new cousin.

For more finished objects, hope over to Tami Ami's blog....

I've had a bit of a manic week, catching up, after our weekend away and I also lost my camera so I couldn't upload any new bags to my shop. I found the camera yesterday so today was going to be a photographing and listing day but I have spent most of the day in bed with a bug. Not a happy Nic...and one of our hens has gone AWOL :(


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lovely little bunny - looks very huggable!

THe cardigan is very cute too. That last minute knitting is something I'm all too familiar with. Seems to me I was sewing up a side seam in a coffee shop one Dev 24th morning :)

Wool Diaries said...

Love the bunny, love the cardi even minus the buttons. I am always last minute knitting.

Babajeza said...

This is "Finished Amigurumi Friday". Your bunny is adorable. It looks so cuddly and soft. The perfect companion for sweet dreams.