Friday, July 13, 2012

FO Friday...A Honeybee P

I've made another Puerperium..You would have thought I had made enough now to be able to spell it but every time I have to check I'm not telling everyone I have actually knitted a body part!

I decided to make this for a (nother) pregnant teacher at school. She was J and L's first teacher and she is lovely so we had to make something for her little person. I cast this on 6 weeks before she was due, thinking I had plenty of time but the next day her baby decided that he didn't want to wait until his due date and was born 6 weeks early.  My sister then had her baby so this took a backseat as I was worried that it didn't look very boy-like and I thought it would be much to big for him anyway.

The name of the teacher's class is 'Honeybees' so I decided that the stripes were a fab idea....but for some reason I decided that honeybees had yellow and white stripes not black. Hmm. Never mind. The buttons make up for it...

I sewed the buttons on this week and I think it looks fab. With a little blue babygrow underneath, this will look just fine and I'm told that Little-legs is almost big enough to wear it now :)

For all of the knitty details, have a look on my Rav page.

We have four days left at school. Apparently it is going to be the summer holidays however, until yesterday, it had done nothing but rain here all week. I don't have such a huge problem with rain, it is the volume that is the issue. On Tuesday, after a hail storm and I'd got soaked to the skin, again, I decided there couldn't possibly be any more rain left in the world but it seemed there was as it rained *again* on Wednesday.

I'm really hoping that the weather is good tomorrow. I am doing a garden party in aid of Leukemia Research and I am hoping the weather will be fab so that everyone comes out for such a worthy cause. From now until Monday morning, I will donate 15% of the value of all orders submitted to my Phoenix Card website to the charity so if you need to stock up, now is a great time.

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Daisy said...

Love the buttons!