Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP, work, work...

There are lots of WIPs around Nicknots this week. I have got to the stage where I have stock ready for The Bluefaced Open Weekend but I also seem to have lots of half finished bags and needle rolls all over the table so I am trying to collect them up and finish them. 

Here are some of the drawstring project bags all ready to be labeled.  Regulars will notice a few old fabrics that sold out of stock ages ago, a couple even years. I've had a clear out of fabric I was saving ;)

I haven't got as much stock as I would like to take to a show for a fair few reasons; I started making for it months ago, one for the shop, one for the show pile,  as things were cut out and made then I got poorly and I had to pinch stock from the show pile for shop orders then I had a fair few large wholesale orders and I seemed to have plenty of time before it was the end of August - I had the whole summer holidays where I got lots of work done last year so I was convinced I would be able to make up.  Of course I haven't.

The holidays have been a complete wash-out as far as work is concerned and also for the first time since J and L started school, I am feeling rubbish about their summer hols and almost looking forward to them going back in a fortnight.  It seems that until I throw my hands up and say 'Please, take them out, entertain the kids,' M will quite happily leave me to look after children, work, run the house and anything else that needs doing while he plays with his new phone or spends a token hour working in the garden. I guess I assume everyone will use their initiative and see when they need to pick up some slack, maybe make a meal or put the washing out without being asked but it's not the case, it would seem.

Anyway, enough moaning.  I have been making lots of Miya bags this week. In my head they are a pain to make so I will always avoid making them over other bags or needle rolls for stock but they are fab bags, I love them and I know they will go well because people keep asking me for more fabric options.

I haven't had any time to knit or crochet this week. I took a load of cotton with me when we went away at the weekend and only managed to make four squares for my blanket so we are up to 41 now.  I might take them with me this weekend and see if I can make a few more!

Here is my progress so far...

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

That monkey fabric is fab!

The blanket looks lovely already laid out like that. Maybe once you've caught up with your bags you'll have more time to crochet :)