Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Worn-out and winning Wednesday....

We're back from a fab weekend in Chester.  The Bluefaced open weekend, AKA AndyFest was great and didn't get cancelled unlike Creamfields, just up the road...I saw lots of very muddy cars driving up the motorway on Sunday afternoon.

I meant to take lots of photos but only managed this one on Saturday morning.  I'm waiting to see everyone elses photos, lots of people were taking pics.

The weekend was great. To say that there were so few stalls, I didn't hear anyone complaining, in fact, lots of people said that it was good to have the space and time to talk to people and properly look at what was on the stalls instead of being overwhelmed by all of the people and things at bigger shows.

The cakes were amazing and helped to raise almost £800 for the Walton Neuro Care Hospital and of course it was lovely to spend time with some of my fab friends. I'm still recovering from lack of sleep today!

We didn't get around to drawing a winner for our prize draw on Sunday so Lou did the honours yesterday. I sent Jack and Lou to find a hat, the winner got to pick the winner. J decided that he couldn't be bothered to find any of his hats so Lou won. Here are all of the tickets....and the winner was...

....'Clicking-along' on Ravelry.  Well done!!  She will be getting a Nicsknots project bag and a skein of Babylonglegs yarn

Since it is Wednesday, we ought to have a WIP post. I tried to start knitting something at the weekend but after trying to do it 5 times, I have given up and put it in the naughty corner for a while.  I'm sulking about it because I bought two skeins of Babylonglegs Semi Precious to make it and now the yarn is burning a hole in my project bag.  I *really* want to make something with it *now* but for the moment I am sulking and crocheting more squares.  I am up to 48 now so almost a third of the way to finishing.......

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