Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday....more Granny progress!

This is feeling a bit like the 'Progress on Nic's Granny Square Blanket' blog at the moment!  Do you want to see some more photos?

Here it is will notice that the sun is shining and I can actually go outside today after the crazy weather we have been experiencing in the UK this week. I thought I should make the most of the sun while it lasted..

It is getting a bit difficult to take photos of this now because I have joined three whole rows up and am part-way through the fourth so that is about 50 squares...

It is getting there. I *might* have it done for winter. As long as it doesn't come until November.

This week is busy, busy! I have been trying to get new fabrics into the shop and managed it yesterday. Look at this lovely new fabric...

Tomorrow morning it is sewing class at A Good Yarn, we are doing beginners patchwork. I try really hard to resist the temptation of patchwork so I like teaching it, it gives me an excuse to play ;)

Tomorrow evening I am helping out at our school PTA fundraiser. We are having a fashion show and some lovely local stalls so if you are local to Waltham, Lincs, it all kicks off at 730pm. 

Friday, is of course, The Macmillan Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning. It is huge this year, everyone seems to be doing one. Well, I am going to be at A Good Yarn where they will be holding a yarn swap.  For £5 you can take your unloved yarn, swap it with someone elses impulse buys from last year, eat as much cake as you like and have a good chatter.  I will be taking my Phoenix cards and could even be tempted to take my bags and needle rolls too. 

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Evelyn said...

Oh your blanket looks so pretty!