Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday..

It's a busy week this week and I've just written a big, ranty post but decided better of it so lets have some photos of today instead.....

It has been chucking it down with rain, on and off, for days now and my boots all leak so I decided new wellies were the way ahead...walking to school is much more fun when I don't get wet feet!

I've been busy finishing a wholesale order for A Good Yarn in Cleethorpes and as I folded a needle roll closed, I noticed the print matched up. Fab!

For some crazy reason I have decided that I will redecorate two rooms before Christmas; J and L share a room at the moment and while Lou loves sharing with her brother, he wants his own room now so the spare room is being transformed into his den..all before Christmas so while they got ready for bed tonight, I started ripping wallpaper off the wall. I might not be putting the new wallpaper up with as much delight.

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