Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Waterproof wonderful-ness

I'm having a bit of a blah day. I have loads of work to do...in fact the list keeps growing but there have been a few things on there for months and they are design things that get pushed to one side when I'm really busy but sometimes, you need a change to help you get on with other things so I decided it was time to finally redesign my notions purses.

I sold notions cases a while ago. They did the job but they were flat and I wanted something with a little bit more structure. We all know how much I like my square bottomed bags so I added those to my notions purses....

 The bags are made out of waterproof material. It's not oilcloth, more a coated fabric, similar to shower curtain but better quality and nicer....and burning a hole in my stash of fabric so needs using up.

Because the fabric isn't going to fray, I haven't lined the bags so there are seams inside unlike my usual reversible, seamless bags and that is making me a little uneasy because I like everything hidden but I have nothing to hide; all of the bags are sewn to a high quality and the fabric isn't going to fray or look shabby and it means I can sell the cases at an affordable price, ideal as a little treat for yourself or a knitting friend.

I'm waiting for bigger zips to make more of the larger bags because they will make fab make-up and wash bags.

For the time being, the smaller bags are selling on my website for £5. I'll let you know when I add the bigger ones.

In case you have spotted and wonder what is going on, I have started selling on Folksy again this week. I stopped earlier in the year when I got my own, fab, shop up and running for a number of reasons and I still stand by those reasons-not least the fact that for some reason their magic website suddenly decided it wasn't going to charge my customers postage for months and no matter how many times I contacted support, I was told that it wasn't their fault and it was something to do with my Paypal settings (funnily enough all of my other shops charge postage) so I was left out of considerable pocket and not offered any compensation by Folksy for their error. 

The fact remains though, that lots of people will go to Folksy to buy their Christmas presents and if I haven't got a presence on there, they won't know about me so I have started listing again but my prices reflect the postage issue so if you do look on there and find my bags and things and wonder why they are more expensive, that is why.  www.nicsknots.co.uk will always be my main shop and that is where you will find the largest range of products.

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