Tuesday, January 08, 2013


I hope you have had a great Christmas and New Year. I've been lucky and had the longest break with my family since....so long ago that I can't quite remember.   We had a lovely, lazy Christmas with family.  People spend all of their time telling me how lucky I am to work for myself but, also, it makes it difficult to switch off from work and I always end up working instead of playing..this Christmas I switched off and we played...

...we went for walks.  This is Lincolnshire on Boxing Day. It was a lovely, sunny day. J and L tested their new scooters out while we walked off some of our Christmas dinner.

The weekend before New Year we went away to Yorkshire for a week with friends in a converted school house near Haworth.  The views were amazing...

We stayed by a reservoir and it was lovely to look out to this every morning. 

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great; the first morning we went for a walk into the village, half way around the reservoir it started hailing, two out of four of the children with us decided that was it and started crying...Ahh happy holidays!!

We had lots of fun, we all got very muddy and went in search of houses and footpaths from 'The Railway Children,' we went to the Media Museaum in Bradford, on the steam train on the Keighley and Worth Valley railway and walked lot even when the weather looked like this..

Sadly, it is back to work and school this week but luckily, before I went away, I thought I might be feeling a bit glum when I got back to work so I bought new fabric to excite me on my return.  This morning, in between packing and making orders and answering emails, I have made a couple of project bags in this fab Dr Seuss 'Lorax' fabric. Bright and cheery and perfect to brighten up the glum day outside my window.


Swirlyarts said...

I like the idea of having something new to play with when you get back so you don't think 'oh back to work'. I might pinch this idea :)

Nic said...

It's the way ahead ;) Although, it doesn't help you get on with the work you *need* to do..I am finding that bribing myself with the chocolate tin helps with that!!