Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIP (the) Wednesday before Christmas.

Only a fortnight since I last is safe to say it has been manic around here..unsurprisingly. I've got to the 'Never mind, if I don't get all of the things I wanted to get done, don't get done, it won't be the end of the world' stage. I have hardly written any cards, present buying has been chaotic to say the least and I seem to have inadvertently lost some of the ones I bought early so tonight I have had to buy replacements! 

This morning it was all feeling a bit overwhelming so I came home from taking J and L to school and instead of getting stuck into work, I made a cup of tea and did ten minutes of sewing buttons onto *the* Christmas cardi....

...can you believe it? I can't but somehow I have managed to finish it and it is on its way to Portsmouth now. I think it might be a bit big for my niece but better that than too small, right?

This is what else I have been working on this week...the bed finally turned up on Monday after I got a little bit cross with the bed company for messing me around with deliveries. The delivery man turned up and told me he couldn't take the boxes upstairs with me because it was a two man job and 'Well, you're not a man, love..' so he left it in the kitchen and I took it upstairs and started making it. 

Rather frustratingly to impatient me and J, I have been busy with work and we have been busy with Christmas plays and performances and things so I have only been able to grab an hour here and there during the day (generally from 6-7am in the mornings) but this is the bed this morning.  I've done more to it tonight so the backing boards are all on the desk and wardrobe.  Tonight J is spending his first night in it...I'm a bit scared it might break since I made it!!

If you are wondering why he looks so glum, it is because he didn't want his sister on his new bed!

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Michelle said...

No he didn't. Seriously. He refused to help because you're a woman? That's beyond insulting. I hope you called the company to complain. On a positive note, the sweater is adorable!!!

Daisy said...

I would have had words with the company for that comment!! The sweater looks wonderful. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas.