Monday, January 28, 2013

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

The last weekend in January is time to spend an hour counting the birds in your garden. We forgot last year so this year, Lou, Jack and I got organised.  The idea is quite simple, get a cuppa, sit by the window and see how many and what kind of birds you get in your garden then submit the results to their website. 

I was quite confident we would get a few; we don't have hoards of exotic birds like Grandad does in his garden with his multiple bird feeders but there are generally a few black birds and sparrows in the garden and a robin and blue tit have been making an appearance recently, not to mention the army of wood pigeons who pinch all the bird food so, armed with our cups of tea, paper and pencil at the read, we set the clock...

After ten minutes, Jack decided it was all too boring and that he would take it in shifts with Lou so he was going to find his IPod for ten minutes.  A couple of minutes later, Lou decided that we were counting the tree just outside our garden so we had more scope for birds..and tried to entice the half tame blackbird down with some sultanas. Still nothing.

Half an hour in, this was our view..

Mildred came to see what was going on in the house and couldn't work out why we were staring out of the window...crazy humans...

When the hour was up, ignoring the chickens, we had had one lone blackbird in the garden.  As I am writing this today, there are two blackbirds, a robin and a couple of doves in the garden...where were you yesterday?!

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Daisy said...

That's what happened to me last year. This year was better, though still a disturbing number of pigeons.