Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday...trying to get better....

This week my mind has been a mush, trying to work out and plan what I want to do and where I see Nicsknots going. I seem to be having a bit of a wobble but I have got some ideas straight and have been trying to improve the way I work at Nicsknots....if it works, I'll let you know!!

Facebook pages seem to have become awash with hearts and love in preparation for Valentine's Day...already.  Everywhere I look there seem to be crocheted hearts everywhere but whenever I try to make them, I end up sulking and cross but when I saw this Granny Heart last night, I decided I *must* be able to make it..after all, we all know how I am quite good at (or at least have made a lot of) granny squares. The circle middle was all OK but then it all went a bit wrong when it asked me to do a half treble (The pattern was in US terms.). I googled lots and couldn't find anything so I did what I so often do when I am stuck, I asked the lovely twittery people. Sure enough, they are much more clever than me and knew exactly what I needed to do so I cracked it!

I think I needed to do it with a smaller hook and it seems a bit cock-eyed so I am going to have another go and maybe make some bunting out of it but Lou and Michael both said it looked like a heart and they are my main critics so if they can see what it is, I'll award myself 7/10

If you want to have a go and you aren't a crochet whizz, the instructions I used for the half treble is here and the treble crochet is here 

Since  everyone is going heart mad, I thought I would get my heart bags and needle roll together and have a little photo shoot....

You might have noticed I've gone a bit crochet-crazy recently. I'm loving it!  I' quite happily sit and crochet all day long if I was given half a chance.  Now I understand more of what is needed in a hook roll, I'm having a bit of a redesign of my dpn/crochet hook rolls. I think I am going to end up stocking separate rolls for DPNS and crochet hooks so the DPN rolls will stay the same but the new crochet hook rolls will feature 14 one and a half inch pockets.  Here is a little peak at the first one...

As you can see, plenty of room for all your different hooks; I have freebies, wooden double-ended knit pros, black handled knit pros, old plastic ones, they all fit in there.  I've listed this one in my shop today. I might have to make myself one as I seem to be collecting a few hooks now.


JayNic Knit Knacks said...

i love that material. So fresh and cheery.
And well done on the heart. I can never remember the difference between different crochet terms so I youtube them and watch them slowly. Over and over again.
Try it. It's how I learnt to knit and crochet.

Jacquie said...

Hi , thanks for your comment. I love your heart . There are a lot of different stitches in that pattern so it's not easy .Blocking will help with the shape.
Your bags and rolls are wonderful....beautifully made.
Jacquie x