Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snowy days

We've had snow here since Monday so I've had many walks home from school in the mornings when it looks like it's time to go to bed, no mind start the day!

I must be in the minority in the UK in that I don't class a couple of inches of snow as a natural disaster. I love the peace and slow pace when it snows. I appreciate it causes disruption but also people create their own disruption and don't help themselves all the time. We have had this snow forecast for weeks and it isn't too unusual to have snow in January. I was watching the news last night, Heathrow airport had cancelled flights and people had had to spend the night there, waiting for their flights.  They were sleeping on chairs, floors, where ever they could, I guess. Uncomfortable and an inconvenience, not, as some were describing 'like a refugee camp' .  Lets all calm down a little bit, shall we?

We have...much to Lou's distress, school hasn't been cancelled due to the snow, thanks to the wonderful teachers who have been getting up super-early to get to school but this weekend we have made the most of the snow then warming up inside, playing games. We have been wicked parents and had a no computer weekend for J and, would you believe it, he likes his sister again and has played for an entire day without shouting and screaming at her...unlike his usual behavour recently.

While the chickens have been hiding from the snow in their greenhouse, we have had a new visitor at the window for sultanas.  This cheeky little chap isn't bothered about people as long as they feed him!

I hope you are managing to stay warm in the snow and enjoying a bit of relaxing too.

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SewIknit2 said...

Lol lovely post - we used to enjoy snow when our lads were little, unfortunately it's more an inconvenience these days but it looks SO pretty looking outside up the garden from the INSIDE!
Sue x