Monday, March 18, 2013

Rain, rain, go away!

I put the washing out on Friday morning. Five minutes later, it started raining and it hasn't really stopped since. It's all getting more than a bit boring now.  The chickens have even decided that they have had enough of getting muddy and are hiding under the slide and in their greenhouse while the rabbits huddle up together, looking distinctly unhappy about the whole situation.

Yesterday afternoon, I attempted the pretty the place up a bit by experimenting with crochet. This is what I made...

Quite a happy accident. I found the flower pattern here and decided, after making a couple, that instead of using four different colours, two looked better and finished it off with a button then I left it on my pile of hearts while I decided what to do with it. This morning, I spotted it on the table, covered with fabric and sewing paraphernalia and it all looked rather good together..of course I'm not sure what to do with it but it looks pretty and we need pretty and bright on grumpy grey Monday mornings.

To combat the grumpy grey, I have been sewing bright and funky things like this Ninja needle roll.

I love this fabric and I see lots of it in my future so everyone get buying lots then I can buy more..everyone's a winner ;) 

Another fab fabric is this 'Ripp-it Frog'..very apt if, like me, you spend more time frogging rather than actually knitting!

This is available in my shop. I'll also list them on Folksy and Etsy tonight but the best place to buy my things is direct from my Nicsknots shop as I always list things there first and they have the more complete range of things.

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