Friday, March 15, 2013

Crazy times!

Over the past week, we have had not one but two dressing-up days at school...The words that fill many a parent with dread. Last week it was World Book Day. For the weeks leading up to the day, L told me that she was going to be Hermione while J was going to be Harry Potter. All fine as we had the costumes for both of them already so I was feeling fairly smug until two days before when L decided that she couldn't possibly be Hermione because her hair is straight and Hermione has curly hair so she would be Gangsta Granny from the book of the same name by David Walliams. I set to work, like the dutiful crafty mother, the night before the event. ....

After cutting and sewing for a couple of hours, I decided maybe I could dress up as a super-hero too...

...I woke up on the morning of the day with an L by the side of my bed telling me that she didn't want a cape, she needed a bin bag to put all the diamonds in. Of course. No 'Thank you for all the time you spent faffing around making my costume when you could have been in bed' Luckily, after breakfast she decided the cape was a good idea and got ready..

Today, of course, it is Red Nose Day and their school is doing an 80s day.  J decided he wanted to be Michael Jackson so has spent the week practising his moonwalk and ordered a costume while L told us that she was not a girl who wears net tutus and didn't want to be any of the people we suggested so she tells me that she is 'a random person from the 80s'

They both look happy so I'm not complaining...lets hope they've all had a good day at school....

I haven't spent all of my time making and buying costumes over the last week. I have been playing with my pattern for the Miya bags and making a bigger version. I've listed a few on my shop today.

These bags are deceptively huge. There is plenty of room in there for your bigger knitting projects and full-sized straight needles to be fully enclosed, as well as all the balls of yarn while you are making your crochet blanket.
If you want one of these new bags in a particular fabric, let me know. I am trying to build up a stock in my popular fabrics but I can make them to order if you would like one now.

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