Monday, August 05, 2013

Catching up...again!

I can't believe I haven't been here since June. It has been a little busy around Nicsknots. We had a fab time in Italy with my little sister and her family....we met a Roman solider at Pompeii.....

 Jack and Lou both passed the most drawn-out swim test ever so that they could dive and go on the slides in the US park...

We went to the beach and discovered that it is good to swim in the sea, you just have to choose the right sea...

Then we were back home for a week of school and sewing before I went off to Fibre East.  As usual, I took no photos other than this where it looks like CoopKnits and The Knitting Goddess were plotting, but it was a fab show. I have never been before and now I understand all of the hyper about this event. It was lovely, friendly, fab.

Everyone loved the Karrie bags. There are a few left on the shop though so if you want one, hop over there now.

Yesterday I took my Phoenix cards to a local event, 20 lovely stalls, run by local (almost all) women, in aid of St Andrew's Hospice, our local hospice. It was a lovely day, even if it was a bit too windy for selling cards and stationery so I had to keep putting things away and blu-tacking other things down to the table!   If you do want to stock up on cards or colouring-in bits to keep the kids (or adults!) entertained, I am going to donate 10% of my sales until Sunday 11th August to St Andrew's.  If you want to get organised, Christmas has just been launched on the website. With my littlest sister getting married a fortnight before Christmas this year, I am going to attempt to be...will I do it though?

I feel like I'm almost up to date now.  I'm going to have a busy week making stock for all of the out-of-stock things on the website, if I can get anywhere near my sewing machine because Lou has claimed it to make phone covers.

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