Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Punk horse

See, I knew someone would want pics of the horse but I didn't get around to taking them last night and it was spending the night in bed with L by the time I blogged so here is the punk horse in all of his glory....

A few uneducated people seemed to think that he was a horse when in fact he was just a horse with a long neck. Of course ;)

Don't you love what people think of you. You know when you are feeling the most stressed out person in the world then someone tells you that they think you are the most laid-back person that they know? Well that. Today I took the kids to school and one of the mums who I kind of know announced that I reminded her of a hippy because I was so laid back about everything and relaxed and really wished that she could be as relaxed as me. And she was being serious! Apparently she could imagine me in the 60s as a free-loving hippy, smoking a joint in the corner, all chilled out. Oh how I giggled. I guess its good that I come across like that instead of something else. I think I should take it as a complement?

Never mind the laid back hippy, I am feeling more like the (not so) graceful swan paddling like mad underwater.

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Daisy said...

Seriously cool horse!! Someone said something similar to me at work the other day - how I was really organised and got things done in plenty of time. If only she could see me at home - I'm currently reading blogs whilst not doing my portfolio!!