Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, so true!

A few weeks ago I received a parcel. It was an organic cotton bag from these people. It would seem that I had won a competition that I didn't even know I had entered so I was mighty chuffed and have used the bag lots.

On one side of the bag there was a cartoon by Vimrod. Being the ever curious one, I got on the Internet and googled them and came up with their website and lots of entertaining little cartoons. I signed up for their daily dose of nonsense as they call it and over the last few weeks have had a few giggles at the things that have popped through my virtual mail box.

None though, have been so timely as this one that I got yesterday.... Well I think we can say it was a day for little farts. The first one being J waking me up at 4am because he been sick. Luckily it was the only time he was sick and he said that he felt fine but after changing his bed I couldn't sleep so I had been awake from 4am and was feeling pretty tired when I had to take L to the Drs because she keeps having nose bleeds.

To start with L's nose bleeds seemed to have been coming on by their own accord, when she was asleep or playing so it wasn't a simple case of her picking her nose but they have been becoming more frequently over the last month or so and I still couldn't work out why they were happening so I decided even if there was no sinister reason for them, I didn't think it was healthy for a 4yr old to be loosing *that* much blood on a twice or thrice weekly occurence so off we went to the Drs. Well actually it was the nurse because the darling receptionist at the surgury decided that we didn't need to see a Dr so would only give us an appointment for the nurse.

On the way there, L decided that she would do a little excavating in her nose and announced 5mins away from the surgury that she had given herself a nose bleed so that the nurse knew what it was like! Yep, you're laughing aren't you? I'm fairly sure my life and the antics of L in particular are entertaining to an outsider, to me, they are not that amusing. Not when I am driving along the road with a child in the back of the car with blood pouring out of her nose. I handed J tissues and he gave her some to hold but by the time we got to the surgury she looked like something out of a horror film.

I was tempted to just walk her into the waiting room, blood pouring down her arm so show the nurse just *how* much it bled but decided against it and spent 5mins cleaning her up in the toilets before going to wait our turn. When we got called the nurse told me that it was nothing to worry about, she would have to loose a considerable amount of blood (see, told you I should have wheeled her in, blood and all!) before it made a difference and had a poke around up her nose with her little light thing before announcing that the cause of the nose bleeds was the scab (the one that she had just knocked off so we had more blood), I could have told her there would be a scab up there but anyway, we were sent packing with some cream to stick up her nose and a serious look of 'don't bother bringing her back until she's on a stretcher you stupid paranoid Mother' from the nurse.

Once home, now she knew that there was no harm in all of this blood shooting out of her nose, L seemed to decide that it was a good game and had nothing less than three nose bleeds in the next two hours. In fact every time I left the room to do anything, she would come to find me two minutes later to show me yet more blood. At one point she decided that she would (once again her words) 'collect my blood in the bowl' (the bowl I had left out incase J was sick) .

When retelling this story to her pre-school teacher this morning, I wanted to add that we don't allow them to watch horror films and to be honest I am quite alarmed by her rather strange obsession with this blood-letting sport of hers. So much for boys being hard work!!

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