Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Warming your head....

Now then, this weeks (or should that be, last?) UK swap blog was about hats. I'm all about hats, I seem to knit lots but I never have the one I want ;)

We have the hat that I made for an Operation Christmas Child the year before last.....


Hmm, it came out a little too small. L uses it as a hat for one of her dolls now.

I've just finished knitting two fairly boring brown ribbed hats. One for my brother and one for J, who wanted a hat like his Uncle which was lucky since the first one I made was too small for my brother....


See how his eyes are the same colour as his hat. Hehe.

So questions..

What is your favourite style of hat?

Hmm, my problem with hats is that I never know if I look a prat in them. In previous years, this has stopped me wearing them
and meant that the only hat I wear in a black fleecy hat with ear flaps but now I am older, I have decided that I don't care what I look like and I will wear whatever I want and not care what I look like. This doesn't mean that I have the bottle to wear some of the funkier hats out there but I do wear more. I am loving berets this year and made myself the Meret for the first Woollywormhead KAL. I love the hat but its too small for me. Lou, aka the hat thief, decided that she would have it but after wearing it once and casting it aside, I gave it to a friend whose little girl, I hope will wear it more.


I also love beanies and stuff with ear flaps.

Do you have a favourite yarn for making hats with?

The Meret was knitted in Malabrigo. Its the first time I have used it and it was lovely and not itchy at all. I have a skein of purple left and I think I might need to knit a (bigger) hat in that.

What hat patterns are in your queue at the moment?

Lol. Have you got all day? I have 19 on there at the moment so maybe I will give you the edited highlights. My favs on there are Gretel by Ysolda, Alfie by Woollywormhead and Greenery Hat by Lilith Parker.

Do you have a favourite handmade hat that you (or someone else) has made?

This hat. I dyed the yarn and love the mottled effect it had because it wasn't fully dyed....I meant to do that ;) and the pattern was perfect for the Valentines baby that I was knitting it for :)


Right, I have tea to make for the starving masses.

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Nic! I want to do a swap! Where can I find one!!!