Saturday, January 03, 2009

Good intentions.

All of these posts and no mention of 2008 recaps and resolutions. Aren't you impressed?

I've been looking at some peoples blogs and felt really rather unindustrious in comparison to the amount of things they have done or made in the last 12 months but then I was just updating my projects page on Ravelry and I haven't done too badly. Of course, I have started more things than I have finished but that's life, eh ;) I've started and more importantly finished 18 things of a knitting variety and that's not including a few things I seem to have forgotten along the way.

Obviously this year I would like to finish more things before starting loads more and to knit from that damn stash! I didn't really add that much to it last year but I have a lot to go at from my initial buying of vast quanities the year before. I have cunning plans for it though so all is ok.

Anyway, this post wasn't actually supposed to be a recapping post, it was about my good intentions tonight so.....

I had decided that I would go to the gym tonight when I got up this morning. I admit, I am really bad at going to the gym, I have membership, I know how many times I have to go to the gym or swimming to make it worth me keeping my membership, I know I should really cancel the subscription but if I do then I'll never go and at the moment I do go once or twice a month and swim once a week. Ish. So, after tea, I got all ready to go, I felt all energised and actually wanted to go which is something that never happens, I drove there. It was shut! How bloody rude!! Saturday night, surely the place to be is the gym? What, its not? Ahh damn. I'll have to sit here in my gym kit and imagine I am working up a sweat on the rowing machine.


Kat said...

Lol, Nic! Just putting ym gym kit on is enough exercise for me!

Daisy said...

I can use the swimming pool(s) at work for free but have I actually got my act together and taken my swimming stuff to work in the 13+ months I've been there? No.