Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Knitting Goddess on The Plinth!

Have you heard about all of the mad people who are taking their turn to stand on The Forth Plinth in Trafalger Square this summer?

No? Well, read all about it here. If you do know what is going on, you might not know that one of the people becoming a living sculpture for an hour is Joy McMillan, otherwise known as The Knitting Goddess.

On Thursday 6th August, Joy, will be taking her turn between 3am and 4am GMT. You will be able to watch this live at the official One & Other website. I will be on holiday in a tent in the middle of France somewhere but I'm hoping someone will have pics that I can look at when I get home though.

To mark this momentous occasion, Joy will be creating a special, one-off sock yarn celebrating the London Underground, featuring the colours of the many London tube lines which will make a fab, colourful pair of self-striping socks! During her hour on the plinth, Joy will be re-skeining 10 skeins of this yarn. These skeins will then be added to other London- and yarn-related goodies to form 10 very special raffle packages.

All proceeds of the raffle go toward The Mirasol Project. To buy raffle tickets and to read more about Joy and her quest, look at her blog here.

I read about this over the weekend and thought it was an ace idea. Trust knitters to come up with a way of making money for a good cause while raising the profile of knitting on a plinth however meters above Trafalger Square. So I got looking and found some ace material and made these to go towards the raffle.

A dpn roll and matching sock knitting project bag, made from material with landmarks of London, including Nelson on his plinth.

I have a very small amount of this material left. I will be making another bag and a notions purse later this week and will donate 40% of the sale price to the project as well.


BabyLongLegs said...

That fabric is ace :)
Clever old you!!

S xXx

Linden said...

I just love the idea of London Underground sock yarn!

And that project bag and roll you've made is beautiful, what a really striking fabric.

Great to see people supporting the Mirasol Project, I'm going to go and have a look at Joy's blog.

RoxieDot said...

I am so hoping I get a place on the plinth! I've applied for Sal too as a birthday gift, lol. (Not that I am cheap!)

Love the project bag and roll. You are a talented beast.

Only just got online so will email you re the bag. Hope all is well and you are enjoying the hols xxx

Daisy said...

What a fab idea! I loved watching the knitter on the plinth yesterday. And London Underground sock yarn sounds amazing.