Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The story of our relationship....

We are trying to get organised for our holidays. When I say we, I mean, I do the things, dh asks if something has been done while staying in bed until lunchtime and on his computer killing aliens until 4am.

At the weekend we went to get inflatable camping mattresses for J and L. They have these wonderful Readybed things;
A great idea but oh so noisy and I had decided a few months back that I could not face 10nights listening to squeaking air beds so we bought these...
Now, when I mentioned buying myself one a few months back, I was told that I was a wuss and there was nothing wrong with the thin foam mats that we have had since camping as teenagers.

Anyway, while I was in the Lakes last month I bought myself a thin inflatable mattress, comfier than the foam mats but by no means comfy. Remember how dh laughed and told me I was a wuss?

Well at the weekend, he bought himself this...

Now you can't really tell from this photo but it is a deluxe mattress, 5cms thick (over twice the thickness of mine), comes with a fleece lined stuff sack that you can use as a pillow (although he says that he is still taking his pillow with him) and is definitely designed for wusses.

Why is this the story of our relatonship? Well when I was a poor just out of uni girl, I was working at a certain outdoors shop and got the chance to get some top of the range sleeping bags for just about cost price so I ordered two, one each, paid for them and had no money. One never appeared, some problem with distribution or something. Anyway, dh claimed the one that did arrive, even though I had paid for both and really loved his Arctic expedition spec sleeping bag while I was left with a cheapy nearly 2 season sleeping bag, too poor to buy a new one.

In fact when we went camping with J, 9months old, I was left shivering, sharing my bag with J while dh woke up in the morning, claiming he was soooo hot in the night but did he give the bag up to his pregnant fiancee and child? Oooh no, of course not!!

I though private schools were supposed to turn boys into gentlemen? It didn't work here!


RoxieDot said...

Oh hun, I'd hit him, lol. Shall I come and give him a shake?

I had to laugh about choccie too... chaps just don't seem to get that chocolate isn't all *just chocolate*. "I want some chocolate" can't be soothed by the words 'we've got some crips..."

Order yourself a new mattress hun!

Apryl said...

don't order a new mattress.. just leave him with the kids and book yourself a hotel and pamper treatment!

Leanne said...

Too right, I'm all for that. Either book yurself in somewhere fancy on his tab or put frog spawn in the bottom of his sleeping bag:)