Saturday, August 15, 2009

A tale of chickens, dogs and small children.....

We're back! We had a great time and all have sun tans and various biking related injuries to show for it. Nothing serious of course, just the usual scraped knees and elbows that happen when children follow their Daddy...

The lane that led from our camp-site had a fence that ran along-side. During the first days we were there, there were chickens who got talked at by children on the way to and from town:

All was well until one night we went into town. As we walked back up the path, children were running in front of us, laughing and playing until Lou got to the place where the chickens lived. Only there were no chickens, only barking dogs. Lou looked at the dogs then towards us with a look of terror on her face.

'Mummy, why have the dogs eaten the chickens?'

Of course the chickens hadn't been eaten, they had a friendly relationship with the hounds but the look of terror on her face.

I'll be back tomorrow with more tales.

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Julia Guthrie said...


Glad you enjoyed your hols, hope we get to nose at more pics soon *grins*
Hey...the gods must have heard your washing woes...I hope you have as much hot sun today as we do!! wow...even I have washing on the line! lol

Ps. Thanks for the misi pm btw! xxx