Thursday, March 25, 2010

A cunning plan featuring a...... Who'd have thought that a caravan would be involved in a cunning plan? I am worried that this means that I am getting old.

So I was driving to town to pick up my new fabric at the weekend when I had my plan. For what it is worth, I only bought 4 meters; 1 meter of each of 4 new prints. How did the shop present this material to me? Baring in mind the shop is in the middle of a small market town full of dithering old people and it was Saturday so was also full of those annoying people who enjoy shopping at the weekend and just meander around the path and it was raining and I had a small boy with me so it was really wrong of me to use my preferred method of getting about said town which is walking along the road before I trip someone over because they stop dead in front of me. The doppy shop woman handed me the fabric on 4 cardboard rolls. You know the huge big ones that fabric is stored on. Those. 4 of them. J and me walking down the road with them? Haha it was like Mallets Mallet. 'Oooh sorry, did I my son just hit you over the head with a roll of fabric? Get out of the sodding way then I am so sorry, I will reprimand him just as soon as we get home'

Anyway, here is the new fabric, one of them is the retro red from yesterday;

So driving to pick fabric up, it was raining, I had two main thoughts running through my head at one particular split second;

1. I am so fed up of not having an office/place to work and
2. How can we have a cheap holiday that doesn't involve a tent. (Don't get me wrong, I like tents when it's not raining)

Then I saw a forecourt full of caravans and *The* plan began to take shape.

Suppose I got a caravan and parked it next to my house then made it all pretty and maybe a little bit functional then used it as an office in the week then at the weekends we could go away and do a bit of caravanning (that word is making me feel old and wrong, I admit it but the thought of being cold and wet in a tent is less appealing still).

The caravan would obviously have to be a 4 berth thing for there to be enough room for us at the weekend and all my guests in my office in the week ;)

So that is my plan and this is what I want my caravan to look like..

This is where all of the cups of tea would be made that everyone knows, powers a crafty type.

This is where all of the cups of tea would be drunk, the cake would be eaten, the world domination plans would happen in our tea breaks

And now you can see the most important part. This would have my table for sewing and cutting and the benches would have all of my material stored in.

All of these photos are of a caravan called Constance that is featured on the Snailtrail website and the lovely Constance can be hired out for photo-shoots and things.


Julia Guthrie said...

I once had a friend (we were about 18 at the time I think) who went to live with her dad & her step mum but their house was quite small so they let her live in the caravan! LOL
She loved it... have sheds for a similar purpose..hiding :)

Joy said...

I'd like an invite to the caravan opening please. That bottom fabric is gorgeous - very springlike.

blueadt said...

We've got a caravan & have had some wonderful holidays in it. However we don't store it at home. A big empty space is a wonderful way to advertise that the house is empty & we don't want to come home to a ransacked house so we store ours in a specialised storage facility.

RoxieDot said...

She is beautiful! I have to have one!

My folks had a caravan that sat, wasted, on the drive for 50 weeks of the year. How I wish they'd have let me embellish it!

Good luck with your cunning plan!

Daisy said...

That is the coolest idea I've heard in a very long time! And what a fab caravan in the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I want that caravan!