Friday, November 26, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

For some reason, the world appears to have gone mad this week; the phone has rung off the hook with desperate relatives wanting to know what J and L want for Christmas, everyone I speak to either tells me that they have a. done all of their Christmas shopping (insert smug face here) or b.They haven't even started yet and are now about to have a nervous breakdown because of this fact.

What is the panic, people? It's not even December yet!! I have bought about one present, and you are all stressing me out like friends before GCSE exams...I was always ok until I got to school then, standing outside the sports hall, with friends panicing that they didn't know random facts, that I also didn't know, I wanted to hang myself or run away.

I've had a quick look at my fav lists tonight, mainly on Folksy but also on other shops so here are my Christmas wants, in case you want to buy me anything. The kids, I'll be honest, need nothing ;)

I love these fun baubles from TwinklySpangle. Katy has loads of cool things in her shop.

These cheery paintings would brighten up any corner of my the bathroom should a certain person put it back together again after he took the floor, the bath side and skirting board up at the weekend and scattered it around the house so that I fall over tool boxes and bits of debris ten times a day...Annoyed? Moi? Never!

I have so nearly bought one of these rings from Loving Spoonful, made from vintage spoons, so many times but I can never work out which I like the best. They are all great.

I bought one of these vase covers last year for my Aunt and I love them, such a great idea. The Cotton Potter is a lovely lady; read back to the start of this blog post, you will see that I am one of the late shoppers...she kindly re-opened her shop for me and nipped to the Post Office on a Saturday morning when she should have been on her Christmas break just because I can't get my head around starting Christmas shopping before 20th December ;)

I spend quite a lot of time trying to choose a print from Lola's Room but this mini calendar solves all of those probles. 12 great prints to get me through the next year.

Tomorrow I am hoping to take some photos of new products and fabrics so if people could do a little sun dance...or at least not rain/snow dance for over my house tomorrow, that would be great, thanks :)

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twinklyspangle said...

Gosh, that calendar is adorable, I'm off to have a look in her shop right away!

Thank you for featuring my baubles too :-)