Monday, January 10, 2011

Destash continues...

I am really determined to de-clutter our tip of a house. I have updated the magazine destash post, here, because a few have sold and I have listed a few more. They are a bargain because £3 includes the UK postage and they are fairly heavy magazines ;)

It is wheelie bin day here tomorrow and ours is, for once, full to overflowing! Normally it is only about a third full but my clearing out is making a difference. The recycling is also full and charity shop bags are stacking up.

I've started walking into a room I want tidied with a bin bag; it's amazing how much more ruthless I am then; no time to talk myself out of maybe keeping that thing that hasn't been looked at for 6months.

Lack of Lou sleep continues. Tonight after five minutes of being in bed she decided that J had given her a nightmare and that she couldn't possibly go to sleep. After ten minutes of her shouting and complaining, I moved J into our room so that she wasn't disturbing him as much and she continued screaming and shouting about how awful I was to her and that she couldn't sleep (funny that, I can't when I am screaming and shouting blue murder!).

After about twenty minutes I went up and told her to calm down and read a book in her bed. That was an hour ago. I haven't been back up yet. I daren't!

We have always had bath, story, bed routine since they were tiny. Nothing has changed. I think she has just got it into her head now that she can't go to sleep so every night is a different reason. Every night I dread bedtime but I remain positive with her. Every night we talk about how we need to believe that we can go to sleep and if we can't, we need to lay quietly, think about nice things and maybe practise relaxation that they do at yoga. Hmm.

Now she is so tired, she seems like a baby who, when they are tired, they fight sleep even more.

Well that was a bit of a boring waffle. Sorry. If we have sun tomorrow, I may have some very funky new prints to show you...


Sally said...

Go on the declutter - I've been doing it too - trying to get rid of things that just sit about and make sure there's a place for everything to be put away - if not it goes in the bin.

Sending sleepy sympathy for you - it's my worst problem - interrupted sleep - can't BEAR it and can't function...hope it gets better xxxx

Blueberry Park said...

we too have had a ruthless clear out...feels good doesn't it?! Hope your little one soon breaks the non-sleeping strong, don't give in and it will soon work out.

(Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and just in case you are interested those pencil pouches are right here... )

Karen x

TopCat76 said...

There must be something in the air, we're on a major declutter here too. Feels great, I can actually see the floor of my wardrobe now! Really hope bedtime situation improves, Tracey xx

GiddyStuff said...

I love the walking round with a binbag idea! Going to try it this weekend.

Hope the sleep situation improves x

Lisa-Marie said...

I am a hoarder by nature, but i find decluttering very therapeutic too. It's a January thing I think!