Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever!

I've been thinking a while about whether I should do anything for Prince William's wedding and if I should blog about it. There seem to be some people who have very strong views on how much they dislike the royal family and how we are all so poor and the country is in that much of a bad way that we don't want our noses rubbing in it that we are all eating in the gutter while the royals have a lavish wedding but I like the royals. I like their mad, eccentric ways and to be honest, there are plenty of people in this country, bleeding us of our money who aren't royal and plenty of rich people who will be having lavish weddings and chucking their money around this year so pff.

Little disclaimer aside, I am getting excited. Maybe not so much about the wedding, although I will watch some of it and the build-up, but the days off and people actually (my Dad hates this statement+I know reads...) pulling together and showing a little bit of community spirit with their street parties, or just getting together with friends and having parties, bbqs, not going to work....obviously it will chuck it down with rain and I will have jinxed the whole long weekend but never mind. It will still be a long weekend and we will still have fun so thanks Will and Kate :)

I'm also loving some of the great things that have come out to celebrate.

I got involved in a conversation about tea-towels today (clearly I am getting old!) and found this entertaining commemorative tea-towel;

'Corgi Royal Wedding' tea towel by To Dry For

Perhaps, even more entertaining than the Emma Bridgewater one which is here. Although, I do love her 'Hurrah for Kate, Hurrah for William' mug.

While at Wonderwool at the weekend, I saw the amazing yarn that Jeni at Fyberspates has produced, knitted up into an amazing shawl designed by Anniken Allis. The yarn is a stunning blue colour with lots of sparkle and comes in a presentation box with its own certificate of limited edition.

'Fyberspates Royal Wedding Yarn.'

The shawl is rectangular and contains wedding patterns and motifs. When it is finished, it will fit through a wedding ring.

I thought it was also a perfect time to get the remainder of my Union Jack material out too so my drawstring bags and needle rolls are also available with the Union Jack print until stocks run out. I have a couple of larger drawstring bags to photograph and list tomorrow too. Ideal for your Royal Wedding knitting party!

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