Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So busy!!

I'm struggling to write things down at the moment. I have a few posts in my head but with going back to school today and incessant ichy back thanks to a tetanus jab yesterday, I'm going to post some pics and come back later in the week.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, we finally set off on holiday and I even knitted in the car..

Seconds after this photo was taken, the car made a loud bang, all of the electrics stopped working and M had to pull in front of two large lorries to get off the motorway. Not fun!

2 and a half hours later The AA found us after they had been looking on the wrong motorway!! The next 12 hrs were spent in recovery trucks but we finally got to Wales and spent an amazing week at Bluestone with fab friends.

We went to the beach in Tenby. The sea was freezing even though it was a boiling hot day

We went to see castles.

Then we went home.

Yesterday was my birthday. See how happy Lou was about the day.....

But look what we got!!

And today, less than 24hrs after they arrived, look what we found!


Sally said...

I love knitting in the car too when we go away, it seems to be the only place I get long enough to get stuck into it uninterrupted!

Daisy said...

How long 'til you got rescued?!?! Love the birthday present.

Did you automatically get a tetanus jab or did you ask for one? I haven't had one for years and should probably get one done...